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A new 2048x1024 world, Qinlingo, has been created.

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I'm going to hold off until after summer to start World War III. So, I created this map to play in the meantime.
Qinlingo has ended.

Visit the Hall of Fame to view the results!
Looks like the other two inactivated out and gave you the win.  That'll do it.  Good job.
thanks! so much for our perpetual peace plan. lol

i was looking forward to taking another crack at Kadath's island. i made the mistake of assuming he went dormant, lol. lesson learned!

maybe we'll get another World War map one of these days.
Haha, yea.  Meanwhile you can chew away at the sandbox world.  I don't think you'll get a medal there though..  Maybe if you ask nicely.
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