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so i play with a touch pad thingy on a very old laptop. for some unknown reason, i cannot double click and move around my screen anymore while ingame. my pad appears to not be the problem because it does work out of the game (i can single click and double click and drag still). i am completely unable to move around the map in the game though. i dont know what changed or how i can move my units tomorrow. help?
I'm not sure...  I never use a touch pad.
i am trying with a mouse too and i still cant move the screen ingame, seriously stumped, its possible its something wrong with my laptop, ill keep trying to figure something out, it may just be time for a new laptop.
i think its something with the click software of my computer. i cant click in a way that works to drag the screen in game.
PROBLEM SOLVED... it was some really invasive "virusish ad ware thing" called yontoo that was interfering with the click... i uninstalled it and everything is running smoothly. game on.
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