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For Heiro, the world display does not always come up.  Units will show as dots, but the map won't be there.  Before today, whenever I moved the mouse or clicked on 'attacks' the map would appear.  Today, the map doesn't appear.  I see the unit dots, I can see the attacks, but still no map.

Using Win 7 64 home
Firefox 18.0.1
I'm not seeing any errors in the Web logs for requests for the world images, so I can at least rule that out.

Could it possible be a resource issue? If you turn off some of the overlays, does the world image display properly?

(The game doesn't handle overlays especially efficiently, primarily because of the way I tacked them onto an existing structure. Another thing that could be cleaned up in a future version.)
Hmm... the only overlays I use are transports, land bases, and CTs.  But then again, I have a lot of those.  Like over 700.
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