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Has it ever been considered to create an option to just Destroy/Disband/Delete a unit?

Some of these worlds are huge and units cut off, either by enemies or allies so that they're effectively stuck somewhere, while you as the owner are stuck paying the upkeep for a unit that can't do anything.  This can become even more common with the new ability to give an ally a base in your territory.

Would there ever be any way to enact a system where a unit would just be removed from the map?  It could be a function of the "Sell Unit" button, where the system would run a check and if a base was in range it would be sold, and if not, it would just be deleted.
I think that's been discussed, and I think I thought it made sense. Just one of those things I never got around to adding, I suppose.

I'll keep it in mind, although it's been really difficult to get any GT work done lately!
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