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I don't know if this has been talked about, or if you can already do it and I just don't know how, but is there any way to display the attack range of an air base in the over-world?  If not, could some overlay similar to the Radar stations be added to show the range of your Planes/Missles/Bombs?
I remember working on an overlay for air base ranges back in the first Alpha world, but with three ranges per air base and a bunch of air bases on the world, it got convoluted really quickly!

I'm thinking I can maybe play with a highlight that appears when you hover your cursor close to an airbase (either in the world view or perhaps in the Air Base tool from the world view).

In the meantime, though, do you have a keyboard shortcut set for the Ruler tool? I find using that from an air base or target works pretty well.
Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look in to the ruler.

What if you just made the range indicator be based on whatever weapon (plane/missile/bomb) with the largest range the each base is equipped with?
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