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Hi! Was looking through User Worlds and it seems the fastest frequency is a ten minute cycle. So i was thinking, if anyone is interested in playing a world with me for one full day and/or night just for giggles also because we have no girlfriends... or something. I totally have a girlfriend. It just happens to be four legged.... furry... has a tail... purrs like a engine... and pretty much rules my life. It's a cat. I have a cat for a girlfriend, okay stop hassling me.
So yeah. Anyone for 10 minute cycle game?
I think that is a great idea.  Maybe if the map was very small and had a high rate of income... then that would make it really fun!

If you want to create a small map like that, then you an I can schedule some time to try it out one day this week.  (I'm off for Spring Break.)

Sure, just say when
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