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I've been working on implementing the user worlds component of GT (what I'll be launching as v1.5). I've got all the functionality built for creating worlds, processing custom Game Cycle schedules (which will be the new name for the Daily Cycle), etc.

I'm still working on the code for automatically ending worlds based on victory conditions, a new World Browser (since user worlds will have their own search/browse page), and Hall of Fame (to view the videos and victors of past worlds).

In the meantime, I have a test world running on a 15 minute schedule. If anyone would like to help me test, please view and join the world using the following URL:

It won't show up in the list of worlds, so the only way to view it is using the URL above.

Please note that this test world may be changed, removed, or replaced at any time during development! This is only for development purposes. I may end up creating several test worlds (using the same world ID) to test various victory conditions, so if the world goes away and restarts, please feel free to rejoin.

The more people play around in them, the more it will help me test. So, I'd really appreciate it!
It's a mini Einio!
That's amazing! How did you even notice that?!
Haha.  I've been around a while.

I remember some of the continent shapes.  I've seen you make maps using old continents before.
I have around 50 huge generated world images that I use as the source for most of my worlds. I get a general idea of the layout I want to create, then I flip through them looking for continents that will work to fill it in.

Sometimes I grab the same one without realizing. haha I guess it's harder to remember for me because I usually only see them a couple times.

Einio is very similar to the first development world, Ankylo. After realizing how big the oceans were in that, though, I decided to reuse it and just add more land masses.
Johnny any chance of making some stock board for the user worlds for guys who are not good at loading up stuff like me?
ditto to the stock boards.

What do y'all think of the short cycles (10 minute, etc.)?  I think that's a great idea for a game to be completed in one day- I made a game that lasts only two hours, 10 pm to midnight this coming Saturday- join in and let's see how it goes!  It will be way different on such a small map and with only 12 total cycles to do as much damage as you can!

By the way, did I do the settings right to cycle every 10 minutes for the 2 hours that the game lasts?
George wrote on :
By the way, did I do the settings right to cycle every 10 minutes for the 2 hours that the game lasts?
The times were a bit off, so I fixed them. The game now starts at 9pm (giving players an hour to get on and set up their first moves), and the Game Cycle runs from 10:00pm to 11:50pm. (It's still scheduled to end at midnight.)

Also, I took the fifty huge rendered worlds I've been using for years (pulling land masses off to assemble the worlds) and added them to the resources page, rendered down to 256x128 pixels. (Sorry, Robert_E_Lee, I missed your message the first time around!)
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