Subject: Reverse Income on Neoslast
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I decided to try a little experiment!

On the newest world, Neos, all income is reversed. That is, the poorest countries will receive the income of the richest countries, and vice versa.

If you stay too small, you have less sectors available to remain in the game. Each unit can only have so much power, so being too small has significant drawbacks. However, if you grow too large, you'll have less and less income to use to expand. Your maintenance costs alone will likely drop your income down to zero.

Please feel free to share any feedback you may have!
Woa, cool.  That will be interesting.
this is going to be a fun interesting match.  most of the time you want to expand but this makes you think the opposite.
I think it will be a fun twist. I could actually see this becoming the first perpetual world in GT! haha

A friend and I were talking about a few variations and it led me to another idea. For a future map, I'm going to try adding a lottery income. In the Daily Cycle, after everyone earns their normal income, one country will win a big pile of cash. The smaller the country, the greater the odds of winning.
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