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Congratulations to Wakino's victors:
  • jeepn, leader of GORP (Glacier Giants). 393,139 sectors
  • Joder, leader of Bellum (Glacier Giants). 360,766 sectors
  • Iron_cowboy, leader of Storms End (Glacier Giants). 287,080 sectors
  • Patton, leader of Moon (Glacier Giants). 274,231 sectors
  • RaptorZ, leader of RaptorZia (Glacier Giants). 274,161 sectors
  • nonamesfound, leader of NNF (Glacier Giants). 188,321 sectors
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And I finally landed on Tau. 

Nice job by Pern making me spend all my $$ so I could not attack Tau with as many assets as I would have liked to.
Yep, haha.  Good game!
Good game guys! pleasure playing with everyone!
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