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I had an idea a while ago about having a mass clone create option available.  I posted, but did not get a big response.  Now a few things have changed with the game and I figured now would be a good time to post this idea again.

How about reprogram the "r" hotkey to let it become faster?  So instead of having to click on each square to build LV 9 troops (or whatever you wish), you can hold "r" click one sector and drag a box to another sector to create those units within the box.  The game would have to verify each sector within the box to make sure it is in range of a base, and create until the box is finished, or you are out of money.

I think that would help out with some of the bigger maps, making it even easier to make troops and stuff.  The change Johnny did a few months ago already reduced unit creation time by 1/2.  That was the best change ever, btw (thanks Johnny).  It can go even further with this change, cutting creation time down by even a larger fraction.

I also had a new idea, which could be even harder to implement, but I'll throw it out there 'cuz it would be cool.  Implement the same thing as stated above, but on the zoomed-out map of the world.  It would function like the mass vacate option, but with creating and moving units.
1)  Zoom out to world view.
2)  Hold r
3)  Drag a box starting where you wish to create the most-recently-created-unit to where you end
4)  (the game makes those units if there is a land base in that area)
5)  Hold ctrl
6)  Drag a box like you would in a zoomed-in scale, starting with the units you wish to move first.
7)  (the game sets the most-recent-attack-path to each unit in the box to be executed in that order)
8)  Done!  You just made 100s of units and set their attacks in the matter of seconds.

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This could potentially save an untold number of hours.

It's already very similar to the "unit / clone group attack" function, it would just take a little bit more programming work on Johnny's end. It would not necessarily have to be the "r" hotkey either, make it customized setting like the others.

Great idea Rick, thanks.
That function is in the works for V2.

Dear Johnny,
I'm still wishing for this...
I'll keep it in mind, Rick! It's hard to find time to develop more substantial additions to GT lately.
Awesome.  It's a bigger change than usual.  It could take a bit of time I'd imagine.  Thanks for reading and letting me know!

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