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Well, I'm nearly done with Plopsicle, my first mobile game. I initially built it with the iPhone in mind, but it'll be easy enough to export to Android, PC, Mac, and probably even a Web-based one (though it'll require you to download a browser plug-in).

If anyone's interested, the Plopsicle page is now live.

Now I've just got to get it into the App Store. (No idea how long it'll take to become available for download.) There will be two versions, Plopsicle (for .99) and Plopsicle Lite (free). They'll both be identical and have no ads, but the Lite version will stop you after 15 levels. I figured that'll be a good way to let players see if they like it first.
cant wait to buy it!!!!!
Robert_E_Lee wrote on :
cant wait to buy it!!!!!
Thank you, I really appreciate the support! =)
Plopsicle and Plopsicle Lite are now available on Google Play! Links are active on the Plopsicle page.

The iOS version hasn't been approved, so I have to wait on that. Once the mobile versions are ready, I'm going to create a Web-based version on the site and on Facebook that has a little promo built-in for the mobile apps.
Plopsicle is now available for iOS and Kindle Fire, as well!

I should have the TMS and Facebook versions done in the next week or so.
You can now play Plopsicle in your browser!

It also displays a high score table for TMS users.
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