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Shenanigans, Shenanigans, Shenanigans I declare Shenanigans break out the brooms!!! Seems to be someone with multiple accounts on Puerta. Also seems to be a gold mine or a printing press on the board.

Now that I have all 3 of your ears Johnny. Any thought to my idea of a weekend board? A small board can be easily won in around 120 moves such worlds like Maleevo, Krito, Wakino just to name a few. I think this could easily be divided up between Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Too make sure a board was ended on Sunday you could have it go into over time with moves every 5 min.

Just a thought I think an idea like this could revive this game a bit.
Shenanigans indeed!  Looks like Johnny took care of the traitor!  :)

A weekend board would be interesting.  Maybe for starters make it the smallest map and have it run every five minutes until someone wins the thing!

That would be the GT tournament of a lifetime!  I think lots of folk would try the thing for 3 or more hours straight (36+ moves).
The main issue with a "rapid" world is that the Cycle can take several minutes to run, even longer if there's a lot of attacks to process. It's a fairly intensive script (and the main reason I need to have a dedicated server for TMS).

A very small world may work well enough, though, and would probably even be more appropriate for something like this.

I also don't know how many players could set aside a long stretch on multiple days, so another option could be to have it be a one day event (e.g. noon to 6pm) and whoever has the most sectors at the end wins.
That would work.  I think I would join in.  Maybe 6 hours is a bit overboard, but I would do three.

Maybe a 256x512 world would work..  Super small.  Maybe run a poll to see how many would opt in?  If it's worth the hassle.
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